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The Adventures of Arturo Series


Arturo and the Silk Road


~Available Winter 2015~

Arturo Sergio is a merchant's son traveling with his father and their caravan on the Silk Road in 1340 A.D.  When bandits attack their caravan, Arturo is separated from the group and must survive on his own.  Can he survive the desert and reunite with this father?


This debut novella from L. P. Pleban incorporates historical facts with a gripping tale, set within the landscape of the Middle East.

Received 1st Place in Category 2 of the Young Voices Foundation

National Writing Contest.

Arturo and the Merchants' Fair



~Coming Spring 2016~

Arturo and his father have returned from the Silk Road to their home in Venice.  They are busy preparing for the annual merchants' fair  when Arturo notices that the bandits are in town.  Can Arturo evade the bandits and discover what they are after?

This sequel to Arturo and the Silk Road continues the fast-pace adventure of a boy in the 1340s that seems to always find trouble.  

Arturo and the Lone Journey



~Coming Soon~

Arturo's family is in a crisis.  Their goods have been stolen and Arturo's father is immobilized.  Arturo must travel east to buy goods to help his family.  He begins the journey with a few companions, but one by one, they get picked off.  Arturo has to face his final challenge—to confront the bandit leader—alone.

Other Works

Excalibur Magazine
L.P. Pleban, Writer-In-Chief


A magazine for Medieval enthusiasts.  This issue of EXCALIBUR MAGAZINE includes: an historical, fictional story titled, "The True Story of the Battle of Hastings;" a report on heraldry; "The Old Bull and Bush" restaurant review;  a letter from our reader; battle poetry; and a short story titled, "Arturo and the Silk Road,"—all by L.P. Pleban.

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