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Cover Story Writing Curriculum

Of all the homeschool curricula that I have used for my students, Cover Story Writing Curriculum is by far my absolute favorite. Created by master teacher and award-winning author, Daniel Schwabaur, this creative writing program is geared for middle school students. The format of the course includes engaging (sometimes hysterical) video lessons and workbook assignments. The lessons include poems, letters, reviews, non-fiction articles, and short stories. By the end of the school year, students have created all the content needed for their own magazines. The course also includes online webinars and online contests that are a lot of fun.

I recommend taking a year's break from formal, essay writing during middle school to spend a year on creative writing. I would highly recommend this curriculum to any middle school homeschooler and even any traditional school student. For students that are in a traditional school, I would recommend this curriculum as a supplement. Because the lessons are video-based, students could go through them at their own pace during the school year or even over the summer.

Luke would tell you that Cover Story is the best writing program he has ever taken. I believe that this curriculum unlocked Luke's potential as a writer. "Arturo and the Silk Road" began as the short story assignment that is part of this curriculum. He wrote it during the school year during his 5th grade year and expanded it over the summer. This is one curriculum that we will not resell, as I expect us to continue to sit down and watch Daniel Schwabaur's engaging and entertaining lessons for many years to come.

For more information on Cover Story, visit Cover Story Writing.

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